How to add service type for your staff while you post a reply or note

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Service Desk has a new feature "Service Type", which is used to record the type of work done in ticket.This is used to calculate the admin worked and  billable time and billable cost for the ticket.Generally there are three Service types available in service desk. They are

1.Onsite - Technician working on onsite with client
2.Remote - Techinician working on remote session of client
3.Telephone - Technician working on the tickets through the telephone.
Step  [1] :Log in to your C1 -portal and then  Go to "Applications" -> Service Desk" - > "Admin panel" > "Manage" > "Lists". In the "Custom lists" , the admin can see the "Service Type" in the list name.

The admin can able to add new service types or can reset to default Service Types.


Step [2] : Select the ticket that you want to add a service type, assigned technician can select the service type in the post reply or the post internal note.
Service Type: The Technician can select the service type of his work.
Billable Time - The technician can also select the billable time check box to record his work time with the customer.

i) For post reply:

The response posted by the staff is sent  to the customer.


The posted reply appear in ticket threads.

The billable time recorded here is  shown below.

ii) For post internal note:

The internal post sent by  the staff is saved as an internal thread and the billable time is recorded in Time spent.

The posted reply appears as thread.



The billable time is shown here.

Step [3] : Technician can also spent the working time in the "Time Spent" -> "Add Work Time".
In the add work time , technician can see the detail list below.
Staff : Enter the staff name
Start Time : select the work started time
End Time:select the work started time

Duration: Gives the work duration hour
Service Type:select the servie type that you have worked.
Is Billable: If technician wants to record his billable time , Please click checkbox for bilabel.
Comment : Type Your comment.


Step [4] : Now the admin or account admin will able to see the Service Type reports in Admin panel  -> Reports → Service Types.
The technician can can export the scheduled report to csv or a pdf format.

Note : The scheduled report is available, only when a ticket is scheduled.


Note : If the admin does not want to record the Service type work means,  go to the Service Desk →Admin panel→ Settings → Tickets.

Go to the Time settings.

Charge Interval: This is used to charge  the settings for a minute.

Time  for threads: If he unclicks the checkbox  → then the Service type is not available.

Manual time entry : If he unclicks the checkbox  → then the Add work Time is not available in the ticket

Round billable time : This is used to calulate billable of sum of all billable or billable for each billable time separately.