How to avail issue summary and details on top for a staff

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Service Desk


By this new feature, we can ability to see issue summary and  details on top in new ticket screen through manage different roles with enabling them to reach different screens.

Step[1]: Go to Application→ Service desk→ Admin Panel→ Staff.


Step[2]: Under "Staff" ,click the 'Role' option.

  • Staff → Role, It will display the list of roles, on that select the role which you need to enable or disable.
  • After selection, it will direct to a "User Role" page where you can manage the role as per your demand.
  • Within that page, you can switch between Staff panel and Admin panel.
  • Under that, we can select the options "Can See Issue Summary & Details On Top" (Ability to see issue summary and details on top in new ticket screen).
  •  click"save changes", it will be able to manage the place of issue summary and description for creating new tickets from Service Desk screen.
  • After the changes made, it will display "Role updated successfully" and changes reflect in the service desk.

Step[3]: Go to Application→ Service desk→ Tickets→ New Ticket


  • Now we will see the changes reflected in the Open New Ticket Tab in service desk Ticket Option.