How to check audit logs of staff actions on ITSM portal Admin actions

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ITSM provides a new feature for admin to track staff action and options gives the detailed information on how to resolve the issues and also provides the current status of the machine and staff action.

Step [1]: To view "Audit Logs " option.

Go to ITSM --DASHBOARD --click "Audit Logs" Click the filter options in right corner, it display all the features in filters.

Step [2]:ITSM: If you enrolled the device in ITSM , it will track all the action which is occur in that device.

 For example: we Create the profile,it will display an audit logs such as “EVENT NAME” like “Profile created"

 Filter Categories:

    DEVICE: It shows entire list of device status as well as gives the list all the actions in a device such CRC, Device profile assigned etc.

    For example: For example: CRC installed in the particular device, displays the  action of a specific device “device run in new remote control".

    DEVICES GROUP: if there are any changes in device group, it will be listed under  the Audit logs.

    For example:If we create a device, it will be updated in the Audit logs.


    RBAC (Role based access control): Go to -->ITSM-->USER-->Role  management click “Add role”

  Updates the role, allows changes in accessibility permissions, assign users to role     and defines the access scope.

    PROFILES: When a profile is created or modified, it will be updated under the Audit logs.  

    For example: Once the profile created a notification will pop out in the audit logs section of the filter, the changes will be shown in the “EVENT NAME “ category and     displays  the message “Profile Create”