How to configure APN certificate in the ITSM portal for iOS devices

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Apple Push Notification (APN) certificate is necessary to send push notifications to iOS users.It is used to establish communication between ITSM Portal and iOS devices. For Certificate, Installation follows the below steps.

Step [1]: Go to Settings > Portal Set-Up.

  • Open "APNs Certificate".
  • Then Click "Create APNs Certificate" to proceed.
  • Enter the details in "Generation of APNs Certificate" and Click "Create".

Step [2]: Download "Comodo_Apple_CSR.csr" by clicking " The Apple PLIST Signed by Comodo" from Upload APNs Certificate.

Sign in to Apple Push Certification

  • After downloading "Comodo_Apple_CSR.csr" file click "Apple Push Certificate Portal"
  • Sign in with Apple ID and Password.
  • if do not have an Apple ID account then please create by

To create an APN Certificate

  • Click "Create a certificate"
  • Need to agree Apple's EULA conditions and Click "Accept".

Step [3]: To Upload a "Comodo_Apple_CSR.csr" file

  • Click "Choose File" and Navigate to the file location and Click "Upload".
  • Next, download the certificate from the Confirmation Page by clicking "Download".

Step [4]: Upload Certificate to ITSM

  • Return to ITSM Portal and Open APNs Certificate.
  • Click "Browse" and Locate the file.
  • Then click "save" Upload the certificate.

Step [5]: APNs Certificate Details

  • After Uploaded the certificate it will open the APNs Certificate details.
  • Now we can enroll iOS devices and Mac OS devices with ITSM portal.
  • To Renew the APN Certificate after the validity. click "Renew" from APNs Certificate.
  • To Delete the APN Certificate. Click "Delete" from APNs Certificate.