How to configure outgoing email address based on organization

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Service Desk

Service desk gives us the new feature to add email addresses based on organizations and it can be configured as an outgoing email address on replies. User can choose and pair the default and available email addresses for each organization to send replies from the alloted email address.

Step 1 : In Comodo ONE Portal, Go to Applications --> Click on Service Desk → Will automatically displays Staff Panel

 Click The Organization(s) want to configure→ Click Setting 

 In Available Outgoing Email address → Select an Email from where you want to get Alert mail to the Registered User Email → Click Update organization → Displays        "Organization updates successfully"



Step 2 : For example : Inorder to check the changes you have done for email setting :

1.By Opening the ticket  User Email and Organization can be checked.

2.Respond your Reply and Click Post Reply.

3. Finally check the sender email address from the Inbox of User mail for received alert email.