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How to Configure Real Time Scanning on Comodo Client Security MAC OS

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  • Comodo Antivirus offers complete protection against the antivirus. The software is easy to configure and use and features real-time, on-access and on-demand virus scanning, full event logging, schedules scans and more. 
  • Detects, blocks and eliminates viruses from desktops and networks
  • Real-time scanning checks files for viruses each time you or your system access them. They will run continuously if the real-time scanning is on access in your system to ensure the safety of your PC.

Open Comodo Antivirus


Step 1: Click'Antivirus' tab

The 'Settings' configuration panel lets you customize various options related to the antivirus scanner.

  • Click 'Scanner Settings' in the antivirus tasks 
  • You can now configure scanner settings


Step 2: Open Real-Time Scanning

  • The real-time scanner always monitors your system for virus activity. The scanner is always ON and checks files when they are created, opened or copied. If the real-time scanner is enabled everything is scanned on access.

We can also configure manual scanning, Scheduled scanning, and Exclusions in the virus scanner settings




  • Access or disable the real-time scanner
  • Enable or disable automatic database updates
  • Enable or disable automatic quarantine of threats
  • Choose maximum file size which is scanned
  • Select how long an alert remains on-screen

    Real-Time Scanning On Access 

    If the real-time scan is on access files are scanned continuously. Virus protection is always running in the background and threats are detected before they get a chance to run.

    Real-Time Scanning Disabled 

    Real-time protection is disabled, the system cannot scan automatically and it will affect the system may cause highly vulnerable to infection.

    Automatically quarantine threats found during scanning 

    If they found any vulnerabilities they will discover the threats and move to the quarantine. Files in the quarantine cannot cause any harm to your system. You can view the quarantined files and permanently delete or restore them as required

    Automatically update virus database before scanning

    Comodo Antivirus will check for the updates and download the latest virus database updates on the system and runs at regular intervals

    Enable realtime scanning of files on network

    If it is enabled they can scan files from the network share if it is disabled cannot scan files from a network share

    For Example: If a user selects the realtime scanning and they don't want to scan the network drive they can disable the option.

    This can improve performance by eliminating the needless scan on that files and also saves time.

    Do not scan files larger than 

          You can set the maximum size (in MB) that should be scanned by the on-access scanner. Files larger than the size specified here will not be scanned. (Default = 20 MB).

          Keep an alert on the screen for

          Set the length of time that alerts should remain visible if the user does not manually dismiss them(Default = 120 seconds).