How to create a custom patch procedure

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Patch Management

ITSM ships with a set of predefined patch procedures which cover most use cases. However, you can also create your own procedures to specify exactly which types of patches are deployed.

Step 1: Open ITSM and click ‘Configuration Templates’ > ‘Procedures’

Step 2: Click the ‘Create’ button then ‘Create Patch Procedure’:

Step 3: Type a name and description for your procedure then choose the folder in which to save it. In this example, we will use the custom folder ‘My Procedures’. Click ‘Create’ to save your procedure.

Step 4: You will be automatically taken to the procedure configuration screen. The configuration screen has three tabs – General, Execution Options and Execution log:

General – Allows you modify the name, description and folder of the procedure, and to set which alert is displayed should the procedure fail.

Execution Options – Lets you fine tune which types of patches are covered by the procedure. For security updates, you can also choose which severity of patches to install.

Execution Logs – Shows a list of all logs of patch deployment. These are useful to check whether the patch ran correctly or not.

Once these steps have been completed and you approve the new procedure, you can run it on all or selected devices by clicking the ‘Run’ button:

Once approved, your new procedure will be listed in ‘Configuration Templates’ > ‘Procedures’ > ‘My Procedures’ folder. You can run it on devices from this interface at any time. Click here for more help with this.

  • You can also add your new procedure to a profile for regular, scheduled deployments. Click here for more help with this.