How to create ticket from staff panel on the behalf of client

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       This new feature helps the staff to create a new ticket by easily selecting the users from dropdown on the list. This will accelerate and simplify the ticket creation process.

Step [1]: Go to Service Desk, On that Choose -->  Tickets and select New Ticket.

Step [2]: Fill all  the below  necessary details as mentioned.

I) User Information:

  •    In search users, in case of existing user you can easily select the user from dropdown on the list. It will auto fill all the details you have provided such as email address and name etc. You will be able to edit those information as well and the changes will be reflected to the user when creating a ticket.

  •  If your a new user select create new user and fill your necessary details such as email address, name ,phone no and internal notes .


  II) Ticket Information & Options:

                     Fill the mandatory details such as Ticket Information, Category, Schedule Time.

III) Backdated Ticket:

                      Provide the start and the end date incase of any backdated ticket.

   IV) Ticket details:

                        Fill the issue summary in brief and select priority level , asset type etc.

   V) Response
                   Please provide a response with respect to the ticket created.

  VI) Internal Note

          Give some internal notes about the issue or problem your facing.

  Step 3. Click 'open' to successfully create a ticket.