How to disable remote control to endpoints

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How to disable remote control to endpoints

The below link will help you how to get the remote control from ITSM

ITSM provides a new option for admin to disable Remote Control to Endpoints for both windows and Mac OS devices.Please refer below steps to use them,

STEP[1]: Please select profile associated with a device or group which requires changes
For Example "CRC" is associated with device DESKTOP-E1JMPDP

Use "MacOS" profiles associated with Mac OS devices

STEP[2]:Click Add profile section ->Remote Control  to add remote control section

You can select any of the remote control configurations and apply it to the devices.

STEP[3]. choose  "Do not allow the remote control" option, and click save

After profile changes have been done, if you select client device to take in remote, it shows "This device is configured to reject remote connection"