How to do automatic cleanup of suspicious certificates through Comodo Client Security

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This option in Comodo Client Security will allow you to automatically cleanup the suspicious/untrusted certificates in the end point device.

Note: This feature can be enabled only at the end point of the device in the Comodo Client Security application. It is not applicable through the ITSM.

Step 1: Open the Comodo Client Security → click 'Settings' on the CCS home tasks screen. 'Advanced Settings' interface will be displayed.



Step 2: Click 'Advanced Protection' → 'Miscellaneous' on the left. You will find the interface 'Do not automatically cleanup suspicious certificates'



i)  If you enable the 'Do not automatically cleanup suspicious certificates' option by selecting the checkbox , the CCS will not perform automatic cleanup on suspicious/untrusted certificates.



ii) If you disable the 'Do not automatically cleanup suspicious certificates' option by unselecting the checkbox, the CCS will perform automatic cleanup on suspicious/untrusted certificates.


Click 'OK' to apply the settings.