How to enroll Android devices to ITSM portal ?

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ITSM Features

ITSM enables admins to manage not only Windows but also Android devices. Managing your android devices on ITSM provides managing your mobile applications, sending messages to the device, remotely lock devices, managing the location of a device and see device information's like OS details, Network details, Security configurations etc.


NOTE: Please ensure that your Android device has connected to the Internet and has enough disk space to install the application.


Step 1: Log in to ITSM Portal - Click Applications - Select Device Management - Go for Device list - Click Enroll Device :

Click Email Enrollment Instructions you will get an Instruction page to your Enrolled email - you can change User email where Instruction page want to be sent - you will receive a pop shows that Instruction has sent :

Step 2: You will receive a mail which has Instruction page -Tap on the link you will be taken to the page which has Installation link to install your device - Tap on the Installation link  - Application will installed :

Step 3: Comodo Client application will be automatically downloaded and installed on your device - Open the application you can see PINtab :

Step 4: Tap on the Enrolling link on Enrollment Instruction page from your email  - you will be automatically loaded your PIN :

Step 5: Tap Activate - Then you will be Successfully Logged in :

Step 6: Finally check Device lists in ITSM Portal - you can see your Android device available in ITSM portal :