How to enroll iOS device to ITSM

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You can view hardware and software details of enrolled iOS devices and manage any installed applications and configuration profiles. ITSM allows you to send a message to the device, lock and also geolocation of the device.

Note: APN certificate configuration in the ITSM portal is mandatory to enroll iOS devices. Please refer

1.To enroll an ios device, Click on "Enroll device" button, Select the option "Email enrollment instructions". Select "OK", Now you will get the enrollment instructions to the email address of selected user under which the device will be enrolled.

  • From email, Click on the link to enroll the agent in your device and the then agent will starts download, Click on "INSTALL" button then a confirmation dialogue has been displayed to "INSTALL" or "CANCEL"


2.Tap on install then ITSM Profile installation progress and enrolling certificate progress will be displayed.

3.After completion of the above process, Again confirmation dialogue prompt has been displayed contains "Trust" or "Cancel".

  • Tap "Trust" and Install. Finally, The installation process will continue after that completed the 'Profile Installed' screen will be displayed and Tap 'Done' to finish the ITSM profile installation wizard
  • Now, ITSM client app installation will begin then, a screen will be displayed as"INSTALL" OR "CANCEL" Tap "INSTALL"

4.Now you can see app installed with "Run after Install" icon on the home screen.Please tab on that and sign into your Apple's iTunes account using existing credentials.

5.Please agree on the end user license agreement and Tap "ACCEPT". Finally, your device is enrolled successfully!.