How to enroll Linux devices to ITSM

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ITSM Features

ITSM allows Linux users to enroll their device to view their online status and you can get the details of your device and its networks.

Step[1]-Download the ITSM agent for Linux Devices.
1.Go to ITSM --> DEVICES-->Device Management-->Enroll Devices
a)Please choose the owner for which your device to be enrolled.
b)You can get the enrollment instructions through two methods.
i)Show enrollment instructions -This instruction will take you directly to how to enroll your Linux device in ITSM.


ii)Email enrollment instructions- It will send the instructions for the selected user. From that email, You can download the ITSM Package for Linux.

You can install the ITSM in your Linux device by using the below command from the terminal.

1) Change installer mode to executable:
$ chmod +x {$installation file$}

2) Run installer with root privileges:
$ sudo ./{$installation file$}


For Example :

chmod +x



d)The enrolled Linux Device is now shown on the ITSM.