How to import users in ITSM using .csv file

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ITSM Features


  • Login to C1
  • Click ‘Applications’ > ‘IT and Security Manager’
  • Click ‘Users’ > ‘User List’
  • Click the ‘Import User’ button above the table
    • Browse to the csv you want to import
    • Specify a company and a role for the imported users
    • Click ‘Import Users from list’

CSV format

  • The file should contain the following, separated values:
    • Username < mandatory - 1st column >
    • Email address < mandatory - 2nd column >
    • Phone number < optional - 3rd column >
  • Each row in the csv should contain one user entry
  • No column headers
  • Click the image below for an example:

Process in detail

Step 1: Go to ITSM → Users → User list → Import User.

Step 2: Click to ‘Browse’, select your .csv file and click ‘Open’:

Step 3: Specify a company and a role for the imported users. If you enable silent mode then imported users will not receive an email notification. Click the ‘Import Users From List’ button.

The newly imported users will appear in ‘Users’ > ‘User List’: