How to include email addresses in the CC field and post reply in the ticket

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Service Desk

The new feature in Service desk now allows us to add email addresses in the CC field and post reply in the ticket.This new feature is extremely useful for adding open-text email addresses to the CC field for post-reply emails in addition to contributors.

Step [1] : In Comodo ONE Portal, Go to Applications --> Click on Service Desk. The page will direct to Service Desk Staff Panel.





Step [2] : Go to Tickets ---> it lists all the available any of the ticket category as we need and it will show all the ticket details. As a technician ,click on the tickets which u need to reply,it will direct to the post reply mail page.




Step [3] : In that page,we can find the new feature  add cc in ,this newly added features is useful for us to add any number of open-text email addresses and this field is not a mandatory one.To post a reply mail,we need to fill all the mandatory fields and click -> Post Reply

Step [4] : Finally after clicking the post reply ,it shows "Reply Posted Successfully"