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How to rebrand Communication Client

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The Endpoint Manager profile allows the Technician to rebrand the Client Communication and Comodo Client Security with your company and your product names.

Step [1]: The technician can reach the branding options by

a) Go To CONFIGURATION TEMPLATES →Profiles → Optimum Windows Profile for ITSM 6.16

b) Please select profile associated with device or group which you want to rebrand the Communication Client .

Step [2]:

In the selceted profile, go to UI Settings.

Using edit option provide your "Support Website" , "Support phone","Support Email"

Note: If "UI settings" is not available please add the "UI settings" to your profile.

There Technician can see the Client Communication Rebranding and the Comodo Client Security Rebranding.

Click the Client Communication Rebranding and edit the following contents in it.
I) Details of Company

Client Name : Enter the Client name. The name should not exceed 20 characters.
Company Name: Enter your company name.
Support Webiste: Enter your support website.
Support Phone : Enter the support helpline.
Support E-Mail : Enter the support E-Mail ID of your company.

II) Logo Details

These logos appear in the tray bar and taskbar of your system.

Company Header Logo : Please attach the Company Header logo in PNG format with resolution of 113 x 17 pixels.
Company Logo : Attach the Company Logo in PNG format with resolution of 180x 43 pixels
Product Logo : Attach the Product Logo in PNG format with resolution of 98x98 pixels.

III) ICON Details
Icon : Please attach the icon file that support 16x16,20x20, 24x24 , 32x32, 40x40, 48x48, 64x64 pixels.

Converting PNG to required file formats (.ICO.,PNG)

Easy PNG to Icon converter 1.1 is used to create such formats. you can download this application from the following link.

Step i: Open Easy PNG to Icon Converter, You will see the list of default formats available on the scroll box. some basic formats are PNG, 32 bit, 8 Bit, 24 bit.
All these formats have a separate resolution.

you can also add custom resolution and formats by using the following steps.

Step ii: On the right side of the scroll bar you can see a large "+" symbol. Click on that.

"Add new format" drop box is opened. In that, you can able to specify required Width and height for the resolution and also the format that you want. Click "ok".
Now it will be added to your default formats.

Step iii: Select the formats that you want as an output. for example, if you want formats for company logo, you can select 150x24 pixels with PNG format.
There is an another "+" option available on the left bottom of the page. this is used to add the PNG file that you want to convert. Browse the files and select the file that you want to add.
Click ok.

Step iv: On the right bottom of the page you can see "convert" option. click on that.

Your icon file is converted and created. Save it in your prefered location.


  • Company Header Logo,Company logo,Product logo,Widget caption - these files are required in PNG formats. Inorder to get that formats slect the PNG format with the specified resolution. click on "convert", you will get the PNG format images.
  • Icon - this requires ICO format files with 7 types of resolution with two difference image depths (8bit & 32bit) click on the required resolution with specified format, for example 24x24 8bit and 24x24 32bit. click on "convert", you will get the required ICO format file.

IV) Tray Icon

In the Tray Icon section , Please select the tray icon to be displayed for normal mode and offline mode.

This should be a PNG image with resolution of 16 x 16 pixels.

Tray Icon (Normal Mode) - This icon appears when the machine is in online mode.

Tray Icon (Offline Mode) - This icon appears when the machine is in online mode.

V) Saving the Rebranded contents

After editing the contents of rebranding, click "Save".

After 5 minutes, the profile will rebrand the comodo communication agent as new rebranded name.

VI) Rebranded Product in the tray:

Then the device which profile is applied, can show the rebranded icon and name in the tray bar.

The image shows the rebranded tray logo appears in the tray.

While clicking the about in the tray, shows the company details.