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How to reset containment remotely on endpoints

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Security Sub-System

This wiki topic helps us to understand how to install or run applications out of containment and how to reset containment when required.If unrecognized applications installed and run within the containment of Comodo client security then it uses more memory. The containment can be reset on the endpoint using script procedure whenever it occupies excessive space.

Step [1]: When user installing or executing an application on the endpoint, the Comodo client security will check its file environment through the database. If the file recognized as unrecognized then the application's execution will run inside the containment.

Step [2]: In Endpoint Manager, we can check all contained applications by navigating to Security Sub Systems –> Containment. Identify app installer of the application that installed within containment and makes sure it is safe. Such app installer may contain 'VTROOT'in File path.

Step [3]: Select the file and change the rating for that by choosing "Rate file as trusted". Again install the application on the endpoint. 

Step [4]:  Run the script procedure to reset containment. 

Refer the script : ( )

Note: To run the procedures in Endpoint Manager follow the steps provided below,

Step [5]: The installed application will run outside the containment under the "Application Control" with trusted the rating.

Step [6]: If you want to clean-up the containment logs with the path of VTROOT. Select the file to hide or delete using the "Record" Menu.