How to schedule auto scan in Comodo Client Security under profile

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Comodo Client Security

The following instructions explains about scheduling the routine for auto scan of Comodo Client Security using profiles in ITSM.

Additionally "Comodo Client Security" provides three types of scans using profiles they are:

Full Scan:
"Full system scan" scans every local drive, folder and file on your system.Suspicious services, auto-run entries and scheduled tasks are also included in full scan by default, providing tighter security.External USB drives are also scanned in Full scan

Quick scan:
"Quick Scan" profile enables you to quickly scan critical areas of your computer which are important for operating system. The areas scanned include system memory, auto-run entries,hidden services, boot sectors and other significant areas like important registry keys and system files.

Unrecognized file Scanning:
"Unrecognized file Scanning" searches for the files which orginates from unkown resources with is we can even prevent the endpoints from zero-day malwares .

Step 1:  In ITSM go to Configuration Templates→Profiles. Click the profile applied to your devices.

For example "US devices-Windows".


Step 2: Go to Antivirus tab. Click Scans → Add to schedule the auto scan.

Note: If Antivirus tab is not available in the profile, it can be added using Add Profile Section.


Step 3: Type the Scan name. For example: AUTO ROUTINE.

Click Items, Following options are available.

  • Click Add File. Enter the full path to the file in the popup then click OK.
  • Click Add Folder. Enter the full path to the folder in the popup then click OK.
  • Click Add Region. choose one of the option available in the drop down menu then click OK.




Step 4: Click Schedule, Following options are available.

  • Do not schedule this task – Auto scan won't be performed.
  • Every day – Specify the time to perform the auto scan daily.
  • Every week – Specify the week days and time to perform auto scan weekly.
  • Every month – Specify the date and time to perform the auto scan monthly.

Note: Please consider additional options to enable as given below.

  • Run only when computer is not running on battery
  • Run only when computer is idle
  • Turn off computer if no threats are found at the end of the scan


Step 5: Click save button