How to schedule your tickets

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This new feature helps the staff to schedule the ticket depending on the staff availability of addressing the issues.

Step [1]: Go to Service Desk, On that Choose --> Tickets and select Open Ticket, on that click schedule button. Once after selecting the button "Calendar" will be opened in such a way for scheduling the ticket progress depend upon the day or week with the time span.

Step [2]: For Scheduling the ticket, we can able to select staff depending on their availability. Similarly, we can easily schedule a ticket by clicking the calendar,


  • We cant able to schedule the ticket for past working hours.
  • Similarly prompt will be displayed if we schedule the ticket after business hours. For Example: "You are scheduling the ticket to the outside of business hours, Business hours for that day are '07:00 -  17:00' Do you want to continue?"
  • In case if we are trying to make the changes on the business hours, Go to → Admin Panel → Settings, on that choose System, under those Business Hours we can able to change the setting for schedule.

For more details on business hours refer the following wiki topic,

If you schedule the ticket above business hours the prompt will be depicted as,

If we press continue button it allows us to schedule for the day or week,

For more details of scheduling the ticket refer the following wiki,

Step [3]: Likewise we can able to schedule the ticket while creating a new ticket itself,

After creating a new ticket with scheduling the ticket will be seen as,

Step [4]: Similarly we can able to schedule the ticket from list also,

Step [5]: Once after scheduling the tickets with appropriate staff names and with date and time.We can simply view the information of the tickets on "Scheduled" field under tickets column.