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How to track actions of Antivirus and Current Malware List in the audit Logs

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Security Sub-System

Endpoint Manager provides options for administrator to track the actions of the Antivirus by using audit logs.

Step 1: Select Endpoint Manager -->SECURITY-SUB-SYSTEMSAntivirus

STEP 2 : If any actions taken in the Antivirus section the logs will be displayed in the Audit Logs.

Example 1: Actions taken in the Current malware List .Select Current malware List

Choose the desired action which you want "Delete Malware or Quaratine Malware or  Rate as Trusted"  the logs will be displays in Audit logs.

Example 2: Select Endpoint Manager -->SECURITY-SUB-SYSTEMS-->Antivirus → Device List → Select the device and click Scan

Please select which scan you need to perform on your end point from the following: Antivirus Quick Scan,Antivirus Full Scan,File Rating Quick Scan.

Step 3: For viewing the audit logs, Go to Dashboar → Audit Logs