How to understand Client security status from ITSM device list interface

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In ITSM, if the endpoint is installed with Comodo Client Security, the status of the Comodo Client Security gets reflected in ITSM, each status is represented with distinct colors. The detailed information about those colors are explained below,

Navigate to Application→ IT and Security Manager → Devices→ Device list, you can able to see the Comodo Client Security status indicated with different colors adjacent to the device name.

Note: The absence of color indication means that the CCS is not installed at the endpoint.

Case 1: ' Secure'
It is indicated in green color which refers that everything is fine at the endpoint.

Case 2: 'Need attention' 
It is indicated in yellow color which refers that something needs to be done at the endpoint like scanning, updating the database, restarting the device etc.. So it is indicated to take an action accordingly.

Case 3: 'At risk'
It is indicated in red color which refers that something went wrong at the endpoint, so we need to fix it automatically or manually. This may occur when threats found like network firewall not working properly or some functions failed to perform operations and so on. We can diagnostic it by clicking "fix it" option. If it could not be fixed report will be generated that can be shared to support team to fix it.

Case 4: 'Require Ugradation'
This indicates to upgrade the higher version of client communication or client security.

Case 5: 'Silent Mode'
It is indicated in blue color which refers to CCS is running in 'Silent Mode'. 
Note: CCS allows users to switch it to 'Silent Mode' if they do not want to be disturbed while performing any important tasks or playing games. Alerts and notifications are suppressed and operations that could interfere with their work are postponed.