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How to use endpoint manager to run on-demand scans and update the virus database

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Security Sub-System

The antivirus interface is a centralized location from which you can launch and monitor scans on your managed devices. 

  • Login to ITarian
  • Click ‘Applications’ > ‘Endpoint Manager’
  • Click ‘Security Sub-Systems’ > ‘Antivirus’



Run a scan on target devices

  • Open the antivirus interface as described above
  • Select the devices you want to scan
  • Click the ‘Scan’ button above the device list
  • Choose the type of scan you want to run:



Choose from the following types:

  • Antivirus Quick Scan - Scans critical areas of the device which are most prone to attack from malware.
  • Antivirus Full Scan - Scans every local drive, folder and file on the system. External devices like USB drives are also scanned
  • File Rating Quick Scan - Assesses the files on the computer to determine their trust rating. Possible trust ratings are ‘Trusted’ (safe to run), ‘Unknown’ (file is placed in the container) or ‘Malicious’ (file contains harmful code and will be deleted or quarantined).
  • SD Card Scan – An antivirus scan of the storage card on target devices. Android devices only.

The scan will start immediately after you make your choice. The ‘Scan State’ column lets you track the progress of the scan:

The state changes to ‘Complete’ when the scan is finished:

The ‘Malware Status’ column shows the results of the scan. Possible results are:

  • Clean – No malware found on any device.
  • Infected – Malware was found on some or all devices.
    • Click the word ‘Infected’ to view the malware. You can remove, quarantine or ignore the malware direct from the list.

You can also take actions on the malware by clicking the ‘Protective Action’ button:


Update the antivirus database on target devices

  • Open the antivirus interface as described above
  • Select the devices you want to update
  • Click the ‘Update Antivirus DB’ button:


Once complete, the database state will change to ‘Updated’:

 Stop scan: The ‘Stop Scan’ button will terminate all types of scan running on an endpoint, including scheduled scans and local scans started by the end-user.