How to use Help topics , Sub Help Topics to categorize and filter tickets easily

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The addition of a new feature to service desk helps us to easily understand and categorize help topics. By this new feature, help topics will be added as a parent and a sub- help topics will categorize during the ticket creation.

Step[1]: To create a Help Topic, Go to Application ----> Service desk---->Admin Panel ----> Manage---->Help Topics.

Help Topics - A help topic will helps us to easily categorize the ticket .It helps to identify the appropriate source of the issue.

Sub Help Topic Level - It will help to categorize the ticket even more simpler by describing the issue type.

Step[2]: To Create Parent of sub level help topics Click -  Add New Help Topic and specify the particulars for the Help Topic Information and New ticket options and click Add Topic.

Help Topic Information :

Topic - Specify the help topic  you need to create .For example 'user details'.

Status - Select the Enable/Disable option for the help topic .

Type - Specify the type of acces of the help topic as Public/Private.

Parent Topic - We can specify any other parent topic to create new help topic as sub level topic.

For example 'user_details' if user information is not updated correctly.

Step[3]: You can create the ticket by using the Service desk and also from web portal.

i)Technician can use 'Help topics' , 'Sub level help topics' while creating ticket on behalf of end user as explained below:

Go to Service Desk ---->Tickets ----> New Ticket . Create a new ticket by providing the user information,Ticket Information & Options and Ticket Details and click open to create a new ticket.

User information : The user details such as email address,Full name, Ticket notice need to be provided.

Ticket Information : The information of the ticket need to be provided.

Ticket Source - The source of the ticket will be mentioned in the ticket.

Department -  The department to which the ticket need to be created is need to be mentioned here.

Help Topic - A help topic can be selected by users while creating a ticket .It helps to identify the appropriate source of the issue.While you select a 'Report a Problem' option in help topic it will give you a option of  'Sub Topic Level 1:'

Sub Topic Level - Here you will be provided with the 'Access Issue' and 'Asset Issue' options which will help you to easily categorize the ticket.



Ticket Details : The detailed issue of the ticket is given here.


Issue Summary - The detailed description of the ticket need to be given in the issue summary.

ii)End user have to choose help topics , Sub level help topics while creating ticket from web portal link as explained below. This will helps to organize tickets more easily at the technician end.

To create the ticket using web portal please click the following link  -

Fill in the form below as mentioned above in the Step[3] i) and click create ticket.


Step[4] :To generate the report for the ticket, Go to Admin Panel ---->Reports ----> Tickets.

Provide the  Ticket details in the Reports section to generate the report for the specified ticket.

Period From , To , User email ,Source , Status , Asset , Agent ,Priority,Overdue , Department ,SLA , Organisation , Help Topic , Sub Topic Level 1 ,  Issue summary.

Step[6] : The Report will be generated with "SupTopic Level 1/Parent Help topic" under help topics mentioned in the ticket.

For Instance : "Access Issue/Report a Problem"

Thus , this new feature will be convinient to categorize and analyse the tickets easily.