How to use in session toolbar for remote control connection mode

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Comodo Remote Control

Comodo Remote control has been enhanced with new toolbar features.

For more information on installing the new Comodo Remote Control, please refer the following link: 

Step [1]: Comodo Remote control toolbar features are explained below:

i) Re-locate option:

The re-locate option in Comodo Remote Control allows you to drag and relocate the toolbar as per your need. The toolbar will be relocated at the specified position you wish.


The changes will be reflected as shown in the below image:

ii) Fullscreen option:

Click on the fullscreen option. We can switch the Comodo Remote Control to fullscreen mode of by clicking fullscreen option.

iii) Unpin option:

After selecting unpin option, the toolbar will be hidden when the user is active in session screen.


iv) Shrink option: 

Select the shrink option in Comodo Remote Control toolbar. The shrink option will shrink the Comodo Remote Control toolbar.

The toolbar icon will be shrunk as shown in the below image:

v) Best Fit Option:

"Best Fit" option on the Comodo Remote Control checks the screen resolution of the target and admin monitors, based on the results it will automatically set the best visual experience on the endpoint.

vi) Keyboard options:

  • Click on "Execute Ctrl+Alt+Del" icon option on the top of the screen to access options like "Task manager", "Lock the screen", "switch user" or "Signout" and "change password"

  • Press "ALT+F4" in the keyboard to close all the apps and shut down the PC.

  • Select some content from files and Press "Ctrl+C /Ctrl+V " to copy/paste the contents from working machine to remote machine and vice versa.

Note: Only the contents can be copied. It does not allows you to copy files/folders between working machine and the remote machine. But it allows you to copy files/folders within the remote machine.


vii) Lock Current Session:

Click on "Lock Current Session" icon on the top of the screen to lock the currently using session in Comodo remote control.