How to view and manage COM Variables and protect under HIPS

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Wipe your worries about the Primary collection of Data. We care about you and your matters to be protected. COMODO awards you the choice to experience HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) model to safeguard your Data as Classes which has multiple matters that bonded. We prefer you to group the important content based on your preference and the actions that we make the secured way.


Step 1To Manage COM Variables :

COM Variables is nothing but a class which has the collection of specified objects and it's components. Example, If "Internet Explorer" has added in COM groups we can add it's Values which means it's components like it's "Browser", "Shortcut" etc.

  • Walkthrough "Application → IT and Security Manager → Setting→ System Templates → COM Variables"
  • The list of default and user-defined COM groups will be displayed. The default groups are indicated by " Default " at their right and cannot be edited or deleted.


Step 2: To add Custom COM groups :

  • Define a name for COM group want to add and hit "+" symbol at right. For Example, here defined as " Special COM Classes "
  • A new group with the defined name will be on your view. " Edit " and " Delete " options will be available once created.


Step 3: To add Custom Classes under groups :

  • Expand a group where to want to create custom Classes.
  • Define a name for the Class. For example, here " *\ RPC Control ". So, the class here is ready to collect all components regarding "Remote Procedure Call" and to group it for further process.
  • A new class with the defined name will be on your view. " Edit " and " Delete " options will be available once created.


Step 4Add COM Interface under HIPS Configuration :

  • Walkthrough "Application → IT and Security Manager → Configuration Templates → Profiles ". Select a profile which has "HIPS" configured.
  • Move to " Protected Objects " under HIPS.
  • Expand " Add COM group ", select the added COM group which is available in the options. The added group will be in your view and Save it.
  • Once it has added, the matter we enclosed in the class will be having the End-to-end protection.