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How to create a rescue disk in Comodo Client Security

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Open CCS > Click ‘Advanced Tasks’ > ‘Create Rescue Disk’

  • Comodo Rescue Disk (CRD) is a bootable disk image that lets you run virus scans in a pre-boot environment (before Windows loads).
  • CRD runs Comodo Cleaning Essentials on a lightweight distribution of Linux.
  • The application is a powerful virus, spyware and root-kit cleaner which works in both GUI and text mode.
    • CRD can eliminate infections that are preventing Windows from booting in the first place.
    • It is useful for removing malware which has embedded itself so deeply that regular AV software cannot remove it.
    • CRD contains tools to explore files in your hard drive, take screen-shots and browse web pages.

The disk is available in .iso format and can be burned to CD, DVD or USB.

Create a rescue disk

  • Login to the endpoint and open CCS. You can open CCS by double-clicking the system tray icon:

  • Click ‘Advanced Tasks’ > ‘Create Rescue Disk’


The setup screen shows the steps to create a new rescue disk:

Step 1 - Select the ISO file (optional)

Step 2 - Select target drive

  • Choose the CD/DVD or USB on which you want to burn the rescue disk. You will boot to this disk to run the virus scanner.

Burn to CD or DVD

  • Label a blank CD or a DVD as "Comodo Rescue Disk - Bootable" and load it in your CD/DVD drive.
  • Click 'Select Target Drive' then choose the drive in the 'Select Target Drive' dialog
  • Click 'OK'


Burn to a USB drive

  • Insert a formatted USB stick in a free USB port on your computer
  • Click 'Select Target Drive' in the 'Rescue Disk' dialog
  • Select the drive from the 'Select Target Drive' dialog and click 'OK'


Step 3 – Burn the Rescue Disk

  • Click 'Start'
  • If you selected a local ISO in step 1 then burning will start immediately. If not, the ISO will be downloaded from Comodo servers:

After downloading, setup will burn the ISO to your target drive:


  • Wait until the writing process is complete. Do not eject the CD/DVD/USB drive early. The CD/DVD/USB will be ejected automatically when the process is finished.


Your bootable Comodo Rescue Disk is ready.

  • Click 'Continue' to go back to the CIS interface.

You can now boot your system using the rescue disk. This will run the scanner in your pre-boot environment.