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How to Create File Type Control Rule

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Xcitium Secure Web Gateway

Environment : Xcitium Dome Secure Web Gateway 

Summary : In order to restrict which file types can be downloaded by your users you can choose to restrict file types from specific website categories or all categories by creating file type control rule. 


- It is assumed that you have already C1 account 

- It is assumed that you have already Dome SWG instance in your C1 portal 

Configuration Steps: 

Step 1 :  Connecting Dome SWG Portal 

i.  Login to C1 portal from https://one..Xcitium com 

ii.  Go to Application --> cDome Standard 

iii.  Cdome Standard (SWG) portal will be opened on another tab

Step 2: Creating File Type Control Rule 

i. Go to Configuration --> Web Content Policy --> File Type Control Rule 

ii. Click on "New File Type Control Rule"

iii.  Enter Name Policy Name and Remark 

  • Name: Enter your desired policy name to identify the file type control rule in the 'Name' field.
  • Remark : Enter a description about the policy in the 'Remark' field and

iv. Click 'Next' to proceed or 'Profile' to specify categories  

v.  Select File Type : Select the file formats you want to restrict from the available list in the 'Select File Type' field

vi. Select Category: Select the category of websites from where you want to the selected file types to be blocked.

vii. Click on Create button then  new  file type control rule will be added into File Type Control Profiles list 

viii. You can delete or modify the existing File Type Control Profiles from Actions column.

Step 3 : Using File Type Control Rule in Policy 

i. Navigate to Configuration --> Policy 

ii. Click on "New Policy" to create new policy 

iii. After you configure the required settings (name & select objects) in policy wizard then navigate to Apply Policy section then you select your File Type Control Profiles.

iv. When you click on "Create" button then changes will be effective on the selected users.