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How to install Comodo Client Security on Linux devices

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Xcitium Client Security

  • Log into ITarian then click ‘Applications’ > ‘Endpoint Manager’
  • Click 'Devices' > 'Device List'
  • Click the 'Device Management' tab above the control buttons
  • Select a Linux device on which you want install CCS:

  • Click 'Install or Update Packages' > 'Install Linux Packages'

  • Select the 'Install Comodo One Client – Security' check box

  • Click 'Install' to deploy CCS on the device

  • Go back to the device list (click 'Devices' > 'Device List')

  • Locate the device on which you just worked then look at the 'Active Components' column

  • CCS modules that are active on the device have a green background:

  •  = Communication agent is active
  •  = Antivirus component is active

  • = Device patches are up to date

  • = Critical patches are available for the device

  • = Optional patches are available for the device.

  • You can also check installation status in the device details page:
    • Click 'Devices' > 'Device List'
    • Click the name of the Linux device that you want to inspect
    • Click the 'Package installation state' tab.
    • Installation status is shown in the 'State' column: