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How to Install Dome Agent

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Xcitium Secure Web Gateway

How To Use and Configure  Roaming Agent 

In addition to providing web protection to end users in a fixed network, Dome Standard can also protect roaming users. These is especially useful for users that are on the move, like field sales teams, and for employees accessing the internet when outside the network.

To monitor roaming devices you must install the Dome roaming agent on the device. This is because the device will be
using dynamic IP addresses and out of the fixed network.  For devices that have the roaming agent installed, user authentication is mandatory.
Please also make sure that you add these users in the 'User Management' interface (Administration --- > User Management )

Roaming agent enables admin to monitor the Endpoint Traffic when it is out of the network. 

Following OS systems are supported by Dome SWG Endpoint Agent 


  • Windows 7 SP1 later 
  • Windows 8 
  • Windows 10 

This video explains how to download and install Dome Agent to start forwarding traffic of your endpoints Dome's Cloud Proxy.

Video Tutorial: Click to open the Video Tutorial

How to Setup Roaming Agent - Manually:

  1. Go to Administration > Traffic Forwarding > Dome Agent
  2. Click Add Configuration
    1. Preshared Key: Used for authenticating the tunnel created via Dome Agent.
    2. Uninstall Password: Used by Administrators at uninstallation of the Dome Agent so that regular users can not delete Dome Agent without permission.
    3. Set Proxy: If you need to use custom PAC files, you can download existing PAC file from here and customize it based on your requirement such bypassed domains, internal domains. After customization is done you can re-upload the PAC file. This is going to be used by your Dome Agent for accessing Dome Secure Web Gateway, on and off network.
    4. Disable if GW is unreachable: Once enabled, Dome Agent disables itself if Dome Secure Web Gateway is unreachable. Recommended to be enabled.
    5. Protect Hosts File: Once enabled, custom hosts file entries in the endpoint will not be sent to proxy such as internal domains. Recommended to be enabled.
  3. Hit Save.
  4. Download the Configuration File shown in the table.
  5. Download the Dome Agent by clicking Download Dome Agent.
  6. Go to PC you want to install the Agent
  7. Find the Configuration File downloaded and copy cDome.cfg
  8. After installation is complete, go to My Computer > Windows > Program Files (x86) > Xcitium > cDome
  9. Change the existing configuration file with the cDome.cfg created in Dome Secure Web Gateway (at Step 7)
  10. Open Command Line by typing cmd in your Windows Start Menu
  11. Run following commands:
    1. cd "Program Files <x86>\Xcitium\Dome Agent
    2. cDome.exe --stop --password Xcitium360!  (note: replace Xcitium360! with your uninstall password created at step 2)
    3. cDome.exe --start


After completion of final step, Dome Agent will start forwarding traffic to Dome Secure Web Gateway and only Administrator with uninstall password will have capability of stopping traffic forwarding thus enforcement will be applied to user.

How to Setup Roaming Agent - Using ITSM: 

Visit following page for detailed instructions. Recommended for mass installation scenarios.