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How to schedule virus scan in Endpoint Manager

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Xcitium Client Security


You can schedule a virus scan on your network in the ‘Antivirus’ section of a profile.

Step 1: In Endpoint Manager:

  • ClickConfiguration Templates’ → ‘Profiles’

  • Open the profile applied to your devices

In the example below, ‘Deployment Devices’ is the profile on our devices:

Step 2: Add or open the antivirus section

  • Open the ‘Antivirus’ tab of the profile

  • Click ‘Scans’ > ‘Add’

  • This will open the ‘Add Scan Profile’ dialog

If you don’t see the antivirus tab, add it by clicking the ‘Add Profile Section’ button then ‘Antivirus’.

Step 3: Configure the scan

  • Provide a name for the scan. Example below = ‘Auto Routine’

  • ITEMS – Choose which items you want to scan. You can choose from the following:

    • File – Scan specific files. You can add an entire extension by using the wildcard character (e.g. *.exe).

    • Folder – Scan a specific directory.

    • Region - Scan a predefined area. For example, 'Entire Computer', 'Commonly Infected Areas', 'Memory' and 'Unrecognized Files'.

You can add multiple items to a single scan. Repeat the process to add more items

Step 4: Schedule the scan

  • Click the ‘Schedule’ row

  • Specify the scan frequency and scan options:

    • Every hour(s) -  Run the scan once every n hours. For example, once every 3 hours. Enter the number of hours between scans in the box provided. 
    • Every Day - Runs the scan daily at the time you specify

    • Every Week - Runs the scan once per week on the day and time you specify on the right. You can select the days of the week by directly clicking on them.

    • Every Month - Runs the scan once a month on the day and time you specify on the right

Step 5: Save the profile

  • Click the ‘Save’ button at top-right

  • The scan will be automatically deployed to all endpoints covered by the profile. It will run at the times you specified in the schedule

  • The scan will also be listed in ‘Scans’ tab of the profile’s ‘Antivirus’ section

  • You can return here at any time to edit, or enable/disable this scan