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How to send Endpoint Manager error reports to Comodo

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Endpoint manager portal

Open Endpoint Manager > Click 'Settings' > 'Portal Set-Up' > 'Reports'

  • Endpoint Manager undergoes rigorous quality assurance before release to ensure the software is as stable and reliable as possible. In rare situations, however, EM may run into an error that needs to be addressed. If reporting is enabled then an exception report is automatically sent to Comodo.
  • Exception reports are a valuable and constructive means of feedback that help Comodo to debug and improve our products.
  • These reports contain only the line of code that failed with additional information about the circumstances of the exception. They do not contain any private information about your company or your users.
  • Automatic report submission is disabled by default but can be enabled if required.

Enable Endpoint Manager to send exception reports

  • Click 'Settings' > 'Portal Set-Up'
  • Click the 'Reports' tab


  • Click the 'Edit' button at the top right.


  • Allow sending of exception reports - Send anonymous reports to the Endpoint Manager team if the application crashes or encounters an error
  • Click 'Save' for your settings to take effect.