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How to Start Dome Secure Web Gateway

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Xcitium Secure Web Gateway

Environment : Xcitium Dome Secure Web Gateway 

Summary : After signing up to Xcitium, by visiting the App Store, you can either request a trial or purchase a license key for your Dome Dome Secure Web Gateway. This tutorial explains the steps to enable your Dome Secure Web Gateway service.

This video explains how to start Dome Secure Web Gateway service.



- It is assumed that you have already C1 account 

Configuration Steps: 

Step 1 :  Get your License

i.  Login to C1 portal from https://one..Xcitium com 

ii.  Go to Store--> cDome Standard 

iii.  Select Basic Version for 30 days Trial or Get Module to buy your license key.

iv.  Follow the steps shown in the purchase wizard.

Step 2 :  Open Dome Secure Web Gateway Wizard

i.  Click to Applications--> cDome Standard 

ii.  Accept EULA.

iii.  Select your License Key from the dropdown.

iv.  If you want to host the node your self click the button on left, if you want Xcitium to host your node, select the button on right.

v.   Upon conclusion of the provisioing Xcitium Provisioning Team will contact you.