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How to use the service desk calendar

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Click 'Staff Panel' > 'Calendars'

This wiki explains how to manage events on your calendar.

  • Calendar appointments can be shared with other admins/staff members. This is useful when collaborating on tasks.
  • You can also view and manage the calendars of other staff in order to create better and more transparent workflows.

Note. This wiki does not explain how to create a scheduled event from a ticket. See this wiki instead if that’s what you want to do.

Use the following links to jump to the section you need help with:

The 'Calendars' interface

  • Login to Comodo One / Dragon
  • Click 'Applications' > 'Service Desk'
  • Open the 'Staff' panel (see last link on the left)
  • Click 'Calendars' on the left
  • By default, the current week is shown.
  • Use the Day and Week buttons at the top left to switch between 'Day' and 'Week' views
  • Use the '<' and '>' buttons to move to the previous/next week/day.


Click the drop-down at top-right to select the calendar you want to view:


My Calendar - Displays calendar events scheduled for you. The entries include:

  • Events you manually added
  • Scheduled events created in tickets assigned to you
  • Events scheduled for you by admins and other staff members

My and Shared Calendar - Events scheduled for you as above + events marked as shared.

  • Blue background - Events scheduled for you
  • Gray background - Shared events

Other Staff - Admins only. Choose the staff member whose calendar you want to view.

Create a manual calendar entry for an appointment

  • Open the 'Staff' panel (see last link on the left)
  • Click 'Calendars' on the left
  • Choose 'My Calendar' from the drop-down at top-right to create an event for yourself
  • Admins only – Click the drop-down menu and choose a staff member from 'Other Staff'. You can create events for other staff.




  • Double-click on the time-slot which you wish to schedule for the ticket



  • Enter a short description of the task
  • Click the check-mark    to save the entry

    Share an event with others:
    • Click on the event
    • Click the 'Edit' icon that appears on the left (the top icon of the three)
    • Enable the 'Shared' check-box

    • Click 'Save'.

Reschedule or edit an appointment

You can edit calendar entries to change the description, associate tickets, change the date/time, mark as shared, and more.

View/manage details of a calendar entry

  • Open the 'Staff' panel (see last link on the left)
  • Click 'Calendars' on the left
  • Choose 'My Calendar' or 'My and Shared Calendar' from the drop-down at top-right
    • Or choose another staff member from 'Other Staff' (admins only)
  • Click on the event you want to view or manage


        -  Opens the 'Appointment Edit' dialogue. The 'Edit' dialog lets you:
    • View and modify event description
    • Associate tickets with the event
    • Share or unshare the event
    • View and change the scheduled time of the event

                 See Edit details of an appointment for more details

                 - Edit the description of the events

                - Remove the event

Edit details of an appointment

  • Click the 'Details'  icon    to view and manage details of the ticket.


  • Description - The description of the event. You can change the description if required.
  • Tickets - View tickets associated with the event and add new tickets. This is optional. You can add multiple tickets to a calendar entry.
    • Start typing the first few letters of the ticket number, username/email of the user that created the ticket or the subject of the ticket.
    • Select the ticket you want to associate with the event from the search results:


    • Repeat the process to add more tickets
  • Shared - Makes the event visible to all admins/staff members when they select 'My and Shared Calendar' from the drop-down.
  • Time Period - Shows the date/time of the event.
    • Simply change the values in the drop-downs to reschedule the event.
    • Select 'Full day' if you expect the event to last the full working day.
  • Click 'Save' after making your changes