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How to view the Valkyrie verdict on a file in Endpoint Manager

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Open Endpoint Manager > Click 'Security Sub-Systems' > 'Valkyrie'

  • The Valkyrie area shows all unknown files submitted to Valkyrie, along with their Valkyrie trust verdict.
  • Valkyrie is an online file analysis service that inspects files with a range of static and dynamic tests. The service helps Comodo establish whether an unknown file is malicious or safe.
  • Comodo Client Security (CCS) can automatically submit to Valkyrie any unknown files found on your network. Valkyrie will test the file, award it a trust-rating, and send the results back to Endpoint Manager.

Open the Valkyrie area

  • Open Endpoint Manager
  • Click ‘Security Sub-Systems’ > ‘Valkyrie’


File Name - The label of the unknown file

File Path - The install location of the file on the endpoint

SHA1 - The SHA1 hash value of the unknown file. The hash uniquely identifies the file.

File Rating - The file's trust verdict from Valkyrie. The possible values are:

  • Clean - The file is safe to run
  • No Threat Found - No malware found in the file, but cannot say it is safe to run
  • Malware - The file is malicious and should not be allowed to run.
  • Potentially Unwanted Application - Applications such as adware, browser toolbars, etc. These applications are often bundled as an 'extra’ with freeware applications. Users might not be aware they are installed, or may not be aware of their full functionality. For example, a browser toolbar may also contain code that tracks a user's activity on the internet

First Seen by Comodo - Date and time the file was first received by Valkyrie

View File Details - Click this button to view more information about the file

Export – Export the list of files to .csv. The exported file will be available at ‘Dashboard’ > ‘Reports’

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