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ITarian Versions - Comparison of Products and Services

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ITarian is available in two versions:

          1. MSP (Managed Service Provider) - For companies who manage the IT infrastructure, security and operations of their clients.

          2. Enterprise - For companies who manage their own IT infrastructure, security, and operations.

The following table shows the products available with each type:

S.NO Products MSP Enterprise
1 Endpoint Manager
2 Comodo Secure Internet Gateway
Licensed Applications(integrated)
1 Service Desk
2 Quote Manager
3 Acronis Cloud Backup
4 Customer Relationship Management
5 cWatch
6 Comodo Data Loss Prevention
7 Comodo Secure Internet Gateway Platinum
8 Comodo Secure Email Gateway Enterprise
9 Comodo Secure Email Gateway MSP
10 Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance
11 Dome Firewall Central Manager
12 cWatch Event Detection and Response(EDR)
13 Managed Detection and Response(MDR)
Tool Set
1 Network Assessment Tool
2 Comodo Cleaning Essentials
3 Unknown File Hunter
4 Auto Discovery and Deployment Tool
5 Remote Control by ITarian
6 Itarian Remote Access
7 CCS Removal Tool


  • The MSP version allows you to add multiple companies as your customers. The enterprise version has only one company – the enterprise itself.