How to configure antivirus settings on Mac Profiles

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This guide allows a user to configure Antivirus Settings through a profile. The settings include all low-level details to be parameterized from ITSM hence the Realtime Scan (at the time of threats encountered), Scans (when the user invoke scan explicitly) and Exclusions (excludes specific paths, applications, and built-in groups) are executed as per the user conditions and expectations.

Step [1]: Go to ITSM -> CONFIGURATION TEMPLATES > Profiles

Step [2]: Hit on Create icon and Choose the "Create macOS Profile" from the drop-down menu

Step [3]: Fill the form with Name, Description of the profile and Click Create button

Step [4]: Hit on "Add Profile Section" icon and Choose Antivirus from the drop-down menu

Step [5]: In the antivirus tab, hit on the Antivirus option. Some parameters are available to complete the setup such as Scanner Settings, Scan Profiles, and Scheduled scans.

Step [6]: Let us have a look at following parameters available under the scanner setting such as Real-time scanning, Manual Scanning, Scheduled Scanning, and Exclusions.

Realtime Scanning: Realtime scanning helps you to check files in real time when they are created, opened or copied.

Options with the explanation:
Realtime Scanning- It allows you to enable or disable realtime scanning. It has two option

  • On access: It will perform the high-level on-access scanning and protection.
  • Disabled: If it is disabled means it does not perform any scanning and the threats cannot be detected if any harm occurs in the endpoint.

Do not scan files large than (MB)- Number of files size within the limit is set to be scanned on access. (For example, If the file size is 20 means it only scanned the within 20MB files)
Keep an alert on the screen for (seconds)- Number of seconds the alert displayed on the screen.
Automatically quarantine threats found during scanning- If it is enabled, all detected threats will be moved to quarantine at the device for your later scrutiny.
Automatically update virus database- If it is enabled, Comodo Antivirus will check and download the latest virus database updates.

Manual Scanning: It allows you to set the parameters that will be implemented when you run an 'On Demand' scan.

Options with the explanation:
Do not scan files large than (MB)- Number of files size within the limit is set to be scanned on-demand scanning.
Scan archives files (e.g. *.zip, *.rar)- It will scan all archive files in your endpoints such as RAR, WinRAR, ZIP, WinZIP ARJ, WinARJ and CAB archives.
Automatically quarantine threats found during scanning-If it is enabled, quarantine threat is automatically found during an on-demand scan.
Automatically update virus database before scanning-It will automatically update virus database before on-demand scan occurs.

Scheduled Scanning: It allows you to set the parameters that will scan as per schedules set under the 'Scheduled Scans' tab.

Options with the explanation:
The following option is same as manual scanning such as

Do not scan files large than (MB), Scan archives files (e.g. *.zip, *.rar), Automatically quarantine threats found during scanning and Automatically update virus database before scanning.

Show Progress option- If It is enabled, the progress bar is displayed whenever a scheduled scan is run at the device.

Step [8]: Select the Exclusions tab and Click Add button.

Enter the Path and hit on OK button - To add more paths, repeat the steps

Step [9]: Hit on "Scan profiles" from Antivirus tab. The list of pre-defined scan profiles will be displayed.

Note: You can select the scan profiles while creating scan scheduled scans and while running on-demand scans on the device applied with the profile.

If you want to add the scan profile, Hit on "Add Scan Profile" from Scan Profiles option. Fill the form with Name (i.e My custom profile)


Click 'Add Path' to add the locations to be scanned as per the My custom profile. Enter the path of the location to be scanned as per the custom profile and click 'Ok'.


The path will be added to the profile. To add more paths, repeat the steps

The profile will be added to the list of 'Scan Profiles'.

Step [10]: Hit on "Scheduled Scans" from Antivirus tab. The list of pre-defined Scheduled Scans will be displayed.

If you want to add the Scheduled Scans, Hit on "Add Scheduled scan" from "Scheduled Scans option. 

The 'Add Scheduled Scan' dialog will appear. Enter the required details and Click 'OK'

  • Name - Fill the form with Name(i.e Daily scan on application folder)
  • Profile- Choose the pre-defined or custom scan profile to be applied for the scheduled scan. The scan profiles included under the 'Scan Profiles' tab will be available in the drop-down.
  • Days of week- Select the day(s) of the week on which the scan has to run.
  • Time- Set the time at which the scans are to run on the selected days.

Step [11]: The scheduled scan will be added to the list.

  • To edit the settings of a scheduled scan, click the pencil icon  beside it
  • To remove a scheduled scan, select it and click 'Remove Scheduled Scan'
  • Click 'Save'

Step [12]:  Once the information is saved then click Profiles menu and Check whether the name of the profile is available on the table.