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How to create and send announcements to Service Desk staff

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Service Desk

Click 'Admin Panel' > 'Announcements'

  • You can send email notifications containing important information to all staff members.
  •  Announcements can be about items like changes to work flows, upcoming server maintenance, reminders to close tickets within the stipulated time, and so on.
  •  You can send announcements immediately or save drafts to circulate later.

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Overview of the interface

  • Login to Comodo One / Dragon
  • Click 'Applications' > 'Service Desk'
  • Open the Admin panel (See the last link on the left)
  • Click 'Announcements':


  • Title: The subject of the announcement.
  • Status: Whether the announcement has been sent, is ready to send, is saved as a draft, or is in the process of being sent.
  • Date Added: The date when the announcement was added to Service Desk.
  • Last Updated: Date and time the announcement most recently edited.

Create a new announcement

  • Open the admin panel
  • Click 'Announcements' on the left
  • Click 'Add New Announcement':

Title: Type a subject for the announcement

Status: Choose whether the announcement is a draft or is ready to be sent:

  • Draft:  The announcement is not yet ready to be sent. It is not possible to send an announcement while it has ‘Draft’ status.
  • Ready for sending: The announcement final is ready for distribution to staff.

Content: Type the content of the announcement.

Click 'Add Announcement' to save.

Send an announcement

  • Open the admin panel
  • Click 'Announcements' on the left
  • Select the announcements you want to send
  • Click 'Deliver <Ready for sent>':


  • Click 'Yes, Do it!' in the confirmation dialogue

Service Desk sends the announcement via email to all staff members.

Note - You can only send announcements that have the status 'Ready for sent'. Click ‘Admin Panel’ > ‘Announcements’ to change the status of an announcement.

Update an announcement

You can change the subject, content and status of a saved announcement at any time.

  • Open the admin panel
  • Click 'Announcements' on the left
  • Click on the title of the announcement you want to edit


  • Change the title, content and status as required.
  • Click 'Update Announcement' to save your changes