How to password protect Comodo client security on Mac device

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Comodo Client Security

Password protection is a security process that protects information accessible via computers that need to be protected from certain users. We care about you and your matters to be protected.CCS will protect your password and also unauthorized users will not be able to override the security settings on the mac.

Step[1]: Open Comodo Client Security application from the endpoint in which it is installed. Select More→Preferences.

Step[2]: After clicking the preferences option, then a  new window will be opened. Hit the parental control tab in this window.

Step[4]: Parental control has two option such as

1. Enable password protection for the settings: It will help to protect your password
2. Suppress Antivirus alerts if password protection is enabled: It will suppress the alerts when it is occurs

Enable password protection for the settings

If you hit this option, then Change Password dialog box will appear. You have to type a password and retype the password in the respective text boxes and click "Apply"

After you enabled this option it will secure all of your important CCS settings and configurations. It asks password for every time if you try to access important configuration area.

Suppress Antivirus alerts if password protection is enabled

If you enable this option, the following action will perform:

1. The alert will not be shown if threats are detected.
2. Threats will be blocked automatically in the CCS. The user doesn't have the choice to ignore the threat.

If you suppress the alerts, you have to remember to un-suppress the option after your next log on or else ccs silently block the certain actions without the notification.