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How to remove devices from Endpoint Manager

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Open Endpoint Manager > Click 'Devices' > 'Device List' > 'Device Management' > select target devices > click 'Delete Device'

  • You can remove devices that need not be managed from Endpoint Manager at any time.

  • Once a device is deleted from EM, all configuration profiles and apps installed by EM will also be removed from the device.

    • Windows Devices - You have the option to also uninstall the communication and/or security client when removing the device.

    • Android, iOS, Mac OS and Linux devices - Users can manually uninstall the clients and iOS profile from their device. Instructions for uninstalling the agent/software are available at the end of this section.


Remove devices from Endpoint Manager

  • Login to Xcitium

  • Click 'Applications' > 'Endpoint Manager'

  • Click 'Devices' > 'Device List'

  • Click the 'Device Management' tab above the control buttons

    • Select a company or group on the left to view only their devices


    • Select 'Show all' to view every device added to EM

  • Select the device(s) you want to remove

  • Click 'Delete Device' from the options at the top. If 'Delete Device' is not available, click 'More' at top-right then 'Delete Device' from the options.

A confirmation is shown:


If you have selected Windows devices, you can choose to uninstall the communication client and/or the CCS software in the confirmation dialog:


  • Click 'Confirm' to remove the device from Endpoint Manager.

Remove the communication client app from an Android device

  • Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Apps' on the Android device

  • Select 'Xcitium Client'

  • Tap the 'Uninstall' button.

The communication client app will be removed from the device.

Remove the EM profile from an iOS device

  • Navigate to 'Settings' > 'General' on the iOS device

  • Select 'Profile' > 'Xcitium Profiles' (certificate and EM)

  • Tap the 'Remove' button.

The EM profile will be removed from the device.

Remove the EM profile from Mac devices

  • Navigate to 'Settings' > 'General' on the Mac OS endpoint.

  • Select 'Profile' > 'Xcitium Profiles' (certificate and Endpoint Manager)

  • Click the 'Remove' button.

The Endpoint Manager profile will be removed from the device.

Remove the communication client from Linux devices

  • Open the console terminal

  • Enter the following command:

$ sudo systemctl stop itsm && sudo systemctl disable itsm && sudo rm -f /etc/systemd/system/itsm.service && sudo rm -rf /opt/Xcitium.