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How to run a browser in the virtual desktop

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  • The 'Virtual Desktop' is a sandbox environment in which you can run programs and browse the internet without fear those activities will damage your computer.
  • Applications in the virtual desktop are isolated from other processes on the host computer, write to a virtual file system, and cannot access personal user data. Changes made to files and settings in the virtual desktop do not affect the originals on the host system.
  • Similarly, any attacks by internet based malware cannot reach or compromise the host system. This makes it ideal for risk-free internet surfing and for testing out beta/unstable software.
  • All browsers installed on the endpoint are made available in the virtual desktop. This tutorial shows you how to run your browsers in the virtual desktop.


Run a browser in the virtual desktop

  • Download and install Comodo Client Security
  • Click 'Tasks  > 'Containment Tasks'
  • Сlick 'Run Virtual Desktop':


  • This opens the virtual environment. All shortcuts from your regular desktop are available on the virtual desktop
  • You can launch a browser via a desktop shortcut, if you created one:


  • Alternatively, click the Comodo 'C' icon on the taskbar
  • You can start any browser installed on your system from the start menu: