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How to view summary information and performance metrics of managed devices

Open Endpoint Manager > Click 'Devices' > 'Device List' > 'Device Management' > click the name of a device

  • The device details page contains granular information about the device's hardware and software. This includes device profiles, network connections, installed applications, patches and device group membership.

  • Each of these details are shown under respective tab

  • This article explains about viewing general device details like device name, currently logged-in user, OS details and performance metrics.

View device summary information

  • Login to Xcitium

  • Click 'Applications' > 'Endpoint Manager'

  • Click 'Devices' > 'Device List'

  • Click the 'Device Management' tab in the top menu

    • Select a company or a group to view just their devices


    • Select 'Show all' to view every device enrolled to EM

  • Click the name of the device to open its device details interface

  • Click the 'Summary' tab if it is not already open.

  •  Device Summary- Basic hardware, software, user and connection information. Includes device name, user, operating system, active directory domain, ownership type, IP address, local time zone and more.

  • OS Summary - Detailed information about the device operating system. Includes OS build, service pack availability, last restart time, reason for last reboot and more.

  • Security Products Info - Details about the Xcitium security client installed on the endpoint. The security client provides the antivirus, firewall and containment services required to protect the device. Information in this section includes active security components, database update status, the amount of time remaining in baseline mode, and more.

  • Performance Metrics - Current hardware resource usage on the device. Includes CPU, RAM , network and disk. The details are refreshed every 30 seconds. (Windows only)

  • Network Summary - MAC addresses of the device for connection through Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet. (Android, iOS and Mac OS devices only)