How to add a patching schedule to a profile

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Patch Management

Adding a patch procedure to a configuration profile allows you to automatically patch devices according to a schedule of your choice. Note – this tutorial shows you how to schedule a Comodo ‘pre-defined’ patch procedure. You can also create your own procedures by clicking ‘Configuration Templates’ > ‘Procedures’.
Step 1: Open ITSM and click ‘Configuration Templates’ > ‘Profiles’. Select the profile to which you want to add the patch procedure.
Step 2: Click the ‘Add Profile Section’ button on the top and select ‘Procedures’. If you have already added the ‘Procedures’ component then just click on it and proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Open the ‘Procedures’ tab and click ‘Add’:

Step 4: Start typing the name of a patch procedure in the search box. Comodo ITSM has the following, pre-defined, patch procedures to choose from:
Critical Patch Updates
Security Patch Updates
Patch Maintenance
Best practice – we advise you schedule ‘Critical Patch Updates’ and ‘Security Patch Updates’ to run daily, and ‘Patch Maintenance’ to run weekly.
Note. You can also create custom patch procedures. Click here for help with this.
Step 5: After choosing your procedure, select the start date and frequency and start time:

Step 6: Click ‘Add’ to add procedure to the profile. Click ‘Save’ (on the right) to save the profile.
The patch procedure will automatically run on the devices to which the profile is applied.