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How to use the quick actions menu in the Comodo One / Dragon portal

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The quick actions bar contains shortcuts to important tasks in different Comodo One  / Dragon modules. For example, it lets you create new tickets in Service Desk and new opportunities in CRM, and to enroll devices to Endpoint Manager.

The quick actions bar

  • Login to Comodo One / Dragon portal

The quick actions bar has the following buttons:

Enroll New Device - Starts the wizard to add new devices to Endpoint Manager. See this wiki for help with this.

New Ticket - Create a support ticket in Service Desk on behalf of a user. See this wiki for more help.

New Customer - Add a client organization to your MSP company (applies only to MSPs). See this page for more help.

Enroll Devices in bulk - Add devices by downloading the client installation package then installing it on target devices.

  • See this page for help to manually download and install the packages on devices.
  • See this wiki for help to enroll Windows devices direct from Active Directory

New Opportunity - Create a sales opportunity in the customer relationship management module (CRM). See this wiki for more help.

New Quote - Create a professional quote for your products and services that you can send to customers. See this page for more help.

The quick actions menu

  • Login to Comodo One / Dragon
  • Click the clock icon in the menu bar:


  • The quick actions menu contains shortcuts similar to the quick actions bar.
  • See above for descriptions of the shortcuts
  • You can access the menu from any Comodo One  / Dragon module unless the menu bar is collapsed.