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How to configure 'Linux - Security level 1 Profile'

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  • Configuration profiles let you specify a device's network access rights, overall security policy, scan schedule and other general settings.
  • You can use a Xcitium-provided 'Default' profile, or configure your own custom profile. Any profile designated as 'Default' is automatically applied to new devices.
  • You cannot edit the Xcitium default Linux profiles, but you can clone it and edit the copy. This article explains how to do that.


Clone 'Linux – Security Level 1 Profile'

  • Login to Xcitium at
  • Click 'Applications' > 'ITSM'
  • Click 'Configuration Templates' > 'Profiles'
  • Click the 'Default Profiles' tab
  • Click on 'Linux – Security Level 1 profile for ITSM'
  • Click the 'Clone Profile' button:

  • Provide a name and description for the profile then click 'Clone':

  • Your new profile is now ready for customization and deployment.

Customize the cloned profile

  • Click 'Configuration Templates' > 'Profiles'
  • Click the name of the Linux profile you just cloned. This will open the profile configuration screen:

There are 5 tabs you can configure. Click the tab you require then the 'Edit' button as required:

  • General - Basic details such as the name and description of the profile. 'Is Default' – if selected then the profile will be applied to all new Linux devices that are added to ITSM.
  • UI Settings - Choose the language used in the CCS interface on the endpoint.


Deploy the cloned profile

  • If you did not set the profile as a 'Default' then you will need to apply it to target Linux endpoints. The following screenshots show a Windows profile, but the process applies equally to Linux.

  • Click 'Devices' > 'Device List' > 'Device Management'

  • Select the devices to which you want assign your new profile
    • OR click 'Group Management' and select a device group
  • Click the 'Manage Profiles' button:

  • Click the 'Add Profiles' button:

  • Select your new profile from the list:

  • Click 'Save' to apply the profile to the target devices/groups:

  • The profile will be applied to the targets on the next sync
  • The profile will be listed in the device or group's 'Associated Profiles' area:


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